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Femalefil 10mg (Tadalafil 10mg)
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Femalefil 10mg (Tadalafil 10mg)

Femalefil 10mg is an efficient Medicine, helps in treating sensual dysfunction in women. The active ingredient of this Medicine is Tadalafil 10mg. This Medicine is manufactured for RSM Multilink LLP.


Medicine Usage

Femalefil 10mg is used in improving hypoactive sensual desire disorder in women. It relaxes the smooth muscles and dilates the blood veins in the pelvic area to obtain arousal. It also helps in treating emotional distress in premenopausal women.


Mechanism of Action

Femalefil 10mg increases the blood flow in the vaginal region and promotes sexual satisfaction. It has PDE5 inhibitor enzymes that help to treat sensual malfunction in women. This Medicine releases an ample amount of blood by relaxing the blood vessels, thereby giving the ultimate experience in sensual activity.


Dosing Information

Consume a single dose of Femalefil 10mg in 24-hours duration. Avoid skipping the second dosage as it might cause an adverse effect. Do not consume alcohol, tobacco and grapefruit beverages as they can lower the impact of the Medicine.



Consume Femalefil 10mg as prescribed by your doctor. Consider the allergic reactions to Medicine that contain Tadalafil 10mg. Consult your doctor if you have a cardiovascular problem or diabetes.


Medicines Side Effects

Side effects of Femalefil 10mg are headache, stomach upset, muscle pain, skin flushing and running nose.



Call your doctor immediately in case of an overdose, as it can have unfavourable effects on the body.


Medicine Interactions

The interaction may occur if two Medicines are combined. Femalefil 10mg interacts with the following Medicines:

โ— Acyclovir, Valacyclovir.

โ— Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide.

โ— Rufinamide, carbatrol.

โ— Atipamezole, Idazoxan.

โ— Fluoxetine, Duloxetine.



โ— Do not consume if you are sensitive to Tadalafil 10mg or any elements from this Medicine.

โ— Keep it safe and out of sight from children.

โ— This Medicine is for use for women only.

โ— Do not take this Medicine if you have diabetes, heart or any other health issues.

โ— Do not consume Grapefruit beverages and alcohol with Femalefil 10mg.