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Fili 100mg (Flibanserin 100mg)
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Fili 100mg (Flibanserin 100mg)

Fili 100mg is used to treat women having hypoactive sexual desire disorder. It is also known as HSDD in pre-menopausal women. It contains the active substance Flibanserin 100mg. This Medicine is manufactured for RSM Multilink LLP.


Medicine Usage

Fili 100mg is used in treating HSDD in women that increase the capability to achieve satisfying results during sensual performance. This Medicine helps in treating sexual desire in women and improves libido.


Mechanism of Action

There are several factors that set up sexual arousal in a woman's body. Fili 100mg helps in upgrading excitement in serotonin and dopamine levels that helps in attaining satisfying sexual desire. It ignites the urge to perform sexual activity with a partner passionately.


Dosing Information

Consume a single portion of Fili 100mg in 24-hours duration with a low-fat meal. Avoid skipping the second dosage without a physician's consultation.



Consume Fili 100mg as prescribed by your doctor. Consult the doctor if you have liver or kidney disorders. This Medicine is not for men. Inform your doctor if you are allergic to Flibanserin 100 mg or any active ingredients from Fili 100mg.


Medicines Side Effects

The side effects of Fili 100 mg are tiredness, drowsiness, dizziness, headache and nausea.



Overdose can have adverse effects on the body. Consult immediately in case of symptoms of passing out or trouble breathing.


Medicine Interactions

Notify your doctor about previous illness (if any) and medications or herbal products you consume currently. Fili 100 mg interacts with vitamin/nutritional supplements, antacids, bisphosphonates, levodopa, levothyroxine, and folic acid tablets.



  • Fili 100 mg is a non-hormonal prescription Medicine. Consult your doctor if you have hypertension.
  • Abstain using this Medicine in case of heart ailment, hypovolemia, hypotension, and dry-out.
  • Keep it safe from children.