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Herbal Constipation Powder
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Herbal Constipation Powder

Shivalik Bio Fresh

Shivalik is the another herbal manufacturing unit of RSM group.


This is a problem that is largely confined to a typical western lifestyle and diet. However it is a common complaint among the elderly population also. Inadequate amount of dietary fibres, lack of physical activity leads to stagnation of food in the digestive system allowing the water to be reabsorbed making the stool hard. Constipation may lead to fissure, has morrhoids etc. and needs timely intervention.


BioFresh is an all-natural herbal enhanced laxative that tastes great and helps to regularise your bowel movement. This deliciously simple solution is a tasty combination of dried red rose petals and dried natural Senna leaves. Developed by Ayurvedacharayas as per ancient healing secrets. With thoroughness and good taste, BioFresh is an excellent natural mild laxative made from specially selected herbal ingredients.

·  Easy to take – people of all ages can take BioFresh.

·  Easy on the system - the gentle action of BioFresh helps keep you regular without causing bloating or other discomforts.

·  Does not contain lactose - like some other laxative products, and can be used by people who are lactose intolerant.

·  Good to taste - it is like eating Gulakand.

·  Natural laxative made from specially selected herbal ingredients – Seena leaves, Red Rose petals, Kala Dana, Choti Elachi, Kabab Chinni, Nishoth, Isbagol bhuki and Saunf.

·  No chemical Preservatives.