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Cenforce Soft 100 mg
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Cenforce Soft 100 mg


Cenforce Soft 100 mg Medicine is used for treating ED in men. Its active component, Sildenafil Citrate, increases the blood flow around the penile area by relaxing the corpus cavernosum muscles in men. The manufacturing for Cenforce Soft 100 mg is done for Centurion Laboratories.


Medicine Usage

Cenforce Soft 100 mg helps in enhancing the erection in men to perform the satisfying sensual activity. It works on PDE5 enzymes present in the penis, preventing it from being excited instantly.


Mechanism of Action

Cenforce Soft 100 mg restrains the PDE5 enzymes, responsible for no activity in the penis. Sildenafil Citrate, an active component in the Medicine, increases the flow of blood in the penis to attain a firm erection.


Dosing Information

Follow your doctor's instructions to consume this Medicine. Take this Medicine with a low-fat meal as a high-fat meal can degrade the performance. Eat one tablet per day and an hour before the sensual activity.



Do not utilise Cenforce Soft 100 mg if you are allergic to the ingredients present in this Medicine. Familiarise your doctor about all your current diseases and regular food habits. Consult your specialist in case of a stroke, low blood pressure or have any medical therapies.


Medicines Side Effects

Side effects of Cenforce Soft 100 mg are sleeplessness, dizziness, diarrhoea, indigestion, flushing, blurry vision, and painful erection.



In case of an overdose, immediately see your doctor for flushing or sleeping disorders.


Medicine Interactions

Cenforce Soft 100 mg may interact with other Medicines hurting your health. Inform your doctor if you are on Vitamins or Minerals supplements. It interacts with Amlodipine, Carbamazepine, Clarithromycin, Dexamethasone, Ketoconazole, Atazanavir, and Nitroglycerin.



โ— Abstain using this Medicine with Antihypertensives.

โ— It is not for use for women and children.

โ— Prevent consuming Cenforce Soft 100 mg with other Medicines that contain Sildenafil Citrate.

โ— Consult your doctor if you are suffering from hypertension or any medical history of heart disease.