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Bimat 3ml (Bimatprost Opthalmic Solution)
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Bimat 3ml (Bimatprost Opthalmic Solution)


Bimat 3 ml is an eye drop that helps in treating increased pressure in the eye. It contains Bimatoprost which belongs to a class of medication called prostanoids. It is used to treat a condition in adults called glaucoma. It is a condition where the optic nerve is damaged. The manufacturing is done for Ajanta Pharma.


Medicine Usage

Bimat eye drop is used in the management of ocular hypertension. It is used for external use only.


Mechanism of Action

The eyes contain clear water that feeds inside of the eye. The liquid is frequently drained and replaced with a new one. If not, it builds up stress inside the eye. Bimatoprost works by increasing the fluid in the eye and reducing pressure. If the pressure is too high, it can lead to loss of sight. Put Bimat eye drops 3 ml in the infected eye and avoid contact with the normal one.


Dosing Information

Wash your hands well before using these eye drops. Remove your contact lenses (if using) before using Bimat eye drops 3 ml. Avoid applying it if you are allergic to beta-blockers, sulphonamides, or severe kidney or liver issues.



Consult your doctor if you are allergic to any ingredients of Bimat T. Tell your doctor if you have ailments like asthma, low heart rate, poor blood circulation, diabetes, liver or kidney problems.


Medicines Side Effects

Bimat can cause side effects like many other Medicines. Some of them are burning, itching, sensitivity to the light, sticky eyes, pain in the eye, growing hair around the eye, darkening of the eyelids, longer eyelashes, watery eyes, and reduced vision.



Seek immediate medical treatment in case of an overdose. Sometimes, an overdose of BIMAT 3ml can lead to blurred vision.


Medicine Interactions

BIMAT eye drop 3ml interacts moderately with Latanoprost and Travoprost. It is advisable to avoid consuming this Medicine if suffering from Macular oedema, Uveitis, Renal Diseases, and Liver disease.



โ— It is not recommended for use in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

โ— Avoid using an ophthalmic form of this Medicine if you are using contact lenses.

โ— Do not use it if this Medicine is contaminated. It can lead to an infection of the cornea.

โ— It is strictly not advisable for use in patients below 16 years.

Do not drive after applying BIMAT eye drop 3ml as it can cause blurry vision.